WBCI e-News vol. 3, no. 1 (January 30, 2003)
The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative: "A cooperative partnership to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation emphasizing voluntary stewardship."

The WBCI (Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative) e-News is a periodic e-newsletter to quickly share that is happening in bird conservation across Wisconsin (and occasionally beyond). We'd like to welcome the most recent WBCI endorsers which brings our number of partners to 111: Rock River Coalition, Ferry Bluff Eagle Council, Grantsburg Business Improvement District, and Wisconsin Association of Lakes.

Quote: "Do you consider yourself a good nest searcher and want to challenge yourself? Does finding a needle in a haystack turn your crank?" To find out what this is about, see item VII below.

In this issue:
I. WBCI Statewide Meeting - Tuesday-Wednesday, Feb. 4-5, 2003, Wausau
II. WBCI Committee Meetings Announced

Habitat & Assessment Committee - Tues, Feb 4 at 9:00 a.m. Westwood Center
Urban/Suburban Subcommittee - during the Statewide meeting - see below
Outreach Committee - Tues, Feb 11 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. DNR Research - Monona
Bird-related Recreation - Fri, Feb 14 from 1-4 p.m. DNR (GEF II, 4th floor)
III. Special Francis Lee Jacques exhibit in Wausau
IV. 2003 International Canada Goose Symposium Wed-Fri, March 19-21, Madison
V. Cavity Nesters Research Project - Request for Assistance
VI. Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine Needs "WBCI" Photos by Feb. 7
VII. Traditional Nesting Chimney Swifts Project - Volunteers Needed
Invitation to contribute news

I. WBCI Statewide Meeting - Tuesday-Wednesday, Feb. 4-5, 2003, Wausau

The WBCI Statewide "Bird Conservation Region Planning Meeting" will be next Tuesday and Wednesday, February 4-5 at the Westwood Center in Wausau. Anyone with an interest in bird conservation planning is invited to join us as we discuss ongoing bird conservation planning efforts and successful implementation projects throughout the region. In addition, we will discuss ways to expand upon these efforts to ensure that all bird species are conserved within Wisconsin for future generations.

For a full (and exciting!) agenda, registration form, and directions to the meeting, please check the WBCI website: http://www.wisconsinbirds.org/meeting.htm

New information in addition to what's on the website:
1. Please arrange for your own lodging at the
Westwood Center by calling 1-800-468-8470 (mention WBCI).

2. We will be collecting money for lunches when you register. The cost will be $11.75/day (total
$23.50 for both days). This includes a build your own sandwich, soup, drink, and dessert. There is no registration fee for the two-day conference and coffee and snacks will be available each morning and afternoon.
--for more information, contact Andy Paulios, WBCI Coordinator, 608/264-8528 (andy.paulios@dnr.state.wi.us)

II. WBCI Committee Meetings Announced
All WBCI meetings are open to everyone. Please attend if possible and pass along word to anyone who may be interested in attending or joining any WBCI committee. Contact committee chairs for more information and agendas.

Habitat & Assessment Committee - Gary Zimmer, chair
The next meeting of this committee will be Tuesday, February 4 at 9:00 a.m., Room 111 at the Westwood Center, Wausau just prior to the Statewide meeting. The agenda includes finalizing the species template format, discussing options towards completing each species template, and any subcommittee issues of concern or interest.--Gary, Regional Wildlife Biologist, The Ruffed Grouse Society, 715/674-7505 (rgszimm@newnorth.net).

Urban/Suburban Subcommittee - Dan Spuhler, chair
"The next Urban Habitat Committee meeting will take place at the Statewide WBCI meeting sometime on Feb. 4 or Feb. 5. We will try to fit it in sometime either during the day or in the evening after the days formal activities - I want to see how much interest there is from outside the Milwaukee area and then try to arrange a meeting on site. I hope to discuss the Urban Habitat Committee at a statewide level/perspective." --Dan, Land Manager, Milwaukee Co. Dept. Parks, Recreation, and Culture, 414/257-6521 (daniel.spuhler@ces.uwex.edu)

Outreach Committee - Ron Windingstad, chair
The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 11 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at DNR Research in Monona. Agenda items include a review of handouts for the WBCI display, IMBD activities, a report from the Education subcommittee, a mailing to prospective endorsers, and budget status. --Ron, Eagle Optics, 608/836-7172 (rmw@eagleoptics.com)

Bird-related Recreation Committee - Susan Foote-Martin, chair
The next meeting will be Friday, February 14 from 1-4 p.m. DNR - GEF II. Come to the 4th floor, Endangered Resources, and ask to be taken to the ER conference room. We will have our new logo to admire and will talk about funding the GWB&NT, otherwise known as the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail. --Susan, DNR Great WI Birding Trail Coordinator, 608/266-0545 (Susan.Foote-Martin@dnr.state.wi.us)

III. Special Francis Lee Jacques exhibit in Wausau
There is a special exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau from January 25 - March 30. "Francis Lee Jaques: Master Artist of the Wild" features 75 oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, sculpture, and photographs as well as numerous personal artifacts that trace his life (1887-1969). Along with Louis Agassiz Fuertes, Jaques (pronounced jay kwees) was one of the most influential bird artists of North America.
The Museum will be open special hours until 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 4 only, for attendees of the WBCI conference. Normal hours of the Museum are Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday-Sunday Noon-5 p.m., closed Monday. For more information on Jacques, see
--submitted by Karen Etter Hale, WBCI Chair, Madison Audubon/Wisconsin Audubon Council, 608/255-2473 (masoffice@mailbag.com)

IV. 2003 International Canada Goose Symposium Wed-Fri, March 19-21, Madison

The International Canada Goose Symposium (ICGS) will be held Wednesday-Friday, March 19-21 in Madison at the Monona Terrace Convention Center. The two goals of the symposium are to allow researchers, biologists, and natural resource administrators the opportunity to meet in a quality setting to share pertinent and accurate information regarding Canada geese, and to publish a useful proceedings in a timely manner. The 2003 symposium will cover all aspects of Canada goose ecology and management and will include a special session focusing on issues regarding resident Canada geese. For more information, please see the ICGS website for full information http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/land/wildlife/conferences/Index.htm
--submitted by Ricky Lien, DNR Urban Wildlife Specialist, ICGS Coordinator, 920/892-8756 x 3045 (ICGS@dnr.state.wi.us)

V. Cavity Nesters Research Project - Request for Assistance

A number of cavity-nesting birds have declining populations. These include the Red-headed Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, and Purple Martin. Other species continue to need human assistance to maintain or increase their populations (Eastern Bluebird is a prime example). One factor implicated in the population declines of these cavity-nesting birds is "interference competition" with the European Starling. Please consider assisting with a new multi-year research project, which has the objective of determining the effect of starlings as competitors for nest cavities. This research would require observation of existing nest cavities or nest boxes. New nest boxes for various species (especially the Northern Flicker) can be constructed and monitored as part of this project, if desired. If this option is chosen, data from this project can be additionally provided to existing research efforts such as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Birdhouse Network.

I will provide participants with forms on which to record observations at natural cavities or nestboxes (bluebird, tree swallow, or martin houses included, of course) of interspecific interactions between starlings and any other cavity-nesting species. My objective is to assess
whether and how often starlings disrupt the nesting cycle and/or take over cavities or boxes, and this can include interfering with any native-species pair, such that they do NOT successfully nest, whether or not the starling pair does so successfully. I plan to ask participants to gather data for (initially) at least two nesting seasons, beginning with spring '03.
This project is in the planning stage, and I would like to determine if a sufficient number of cooperators/participants would be interested. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to participate, please email me. I will supply further information and add your name to the list of possible cooperators. Thanks in advance for your help.
--submitted by William P. Mueller, Cavity-nesting Birds & Competition Study, 414/643-7279 (iltlawas@earthlink.net)

VI. Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine Needs "WBCI" Photos by Feb. 7
The April issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine will have stories on both WBCI and some great birding hotspots. Photos are needed by Friday, February 7!
** WBCI story. We need shots of individual species: dickcissel, loggerhead shrike, meadowlark, sedge wren, red-headed woodpecker, bobolink. Also needed are any photos from ongoing WBCI projects. We especially need shots of field work, habitat restoration, field surveys, nesting habitat surveys, good banding shots and other people photographs that show ongoing projects for the benefit of birds as part of the WBCI.
** Wisconsin Traveler. This feature identifies spring birding hotspots and provides information on how to get there and what species to look for. Locations to be highlighted are Necedah NWR, Upper Mississippi River NWR, Horicon Marsh, and Wisconsin Point (west end of Lake Superior). Of particular interest would be shots of birds congregated at Wisconsin Point and shots of people watching birds at any of these locations.
Slides are best. We would need images at least 300 dpi shot in at least 4 x 6 inches. Files would need to be 20-50 MB size at least to reproduce well, so I typically ask for slides, which reproduce well for us.
Please call or e-mail me with any suggestions you can offer. Thanks very much.
--submitted by Johanna Fabke, Program Assistant, WNR magazine, 608/264-9249 (Johanna.Fabke@dnr.state.wi.us)

VII. Traditional Nesting Chimney Swifts Project - Volunteers Needed
Do you consider yourself a good nest searcher and want to challenge yourself? Does finding a needle in a haystack turn your crank? I am conducting research on traditional nesting Chimney Swifts. My goal is to compile and publish data associated with natural nesting and roosting Chimney Swifts and their habitat. I am looking for birders like yourself to join me in nest searching this coming season. You will be asked to search for Chimney Swifts nesting or roosting in hollow snags, stumps etc. If / when you find a traditional nest or roost site, you will be asked to fill out a data form and mark its location. I am not interested in documenting any swifts nesting or roosting in man-made structures. Working alone or in any size group is OK.
--submitted by Ken Damro, PO Box 543, Florence WI 54121, 715/696-6630 (traditionalnesters@yahoo.com)

Invitation to contribute news. Please submit items for the WBCI e-News to this e-mail address. These could be anything that you and your group or agency wish to share about what is being done, where, and by whom: projects that are in the works, whether large or small, local or state-wide; activities, programs, and workshops; what the average birder might do to help out; what the problems are; or what help you might need on specific projects.
No attachments will be allowed. Instead, try to include web links whenever possible for more detail. Or if the information is lengthy, and only an attachment would be efficient, provide an e-mail contact so that those interested can ask for the attachment. The source of the item posted will be included at the end of each message.
Back issues of the WBCI e-News can be found on the "new" WBCI Website: http://www.wisconsinbirds.org/
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