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WBCI E-News vol. 1, no. 1 (25 October 2001)

The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative: "A cooperative partnership to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation emphasizing voluntary stewardship."

Welcome to the first issue of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, a periodic e-newsletter about bird conservation. There are currently 90 endorsers/partners of WBCI! This e-news is being sent to one key contact in each organization or agency. If this should go to someone other than you, please let us know. We sincerely hope you will all participate in helping to make this newsletter successful by submitting information on what is going on with birds from your perspective.

In this issue:


Next WBCI partners meeting Thursday, Dec 13

I.     Wild Bird, Wildlife & Backyard Habitat Expo - Nov 2, 3, 4
II.    SwiftWatch
III.   Birds of Two Worlds symposium - March 6-10, 2002

Introduction: We are launching this e-newsletter to provide a way to quickly share what is happening in bird conservation across Wisconsin (and occassionally beyond). We plan to keep the newsletter short and to the point. It will include whatever items you and your group or agency wish to share about what is being done, where, and by whom: projects that are in the works, whether large or small, local or state-wide; activities, programs, and workshops; what the average birder might do to help out; what the problems are; or what help you might need on specific projects.

Please submit information to this e-mail address. No attachments will be allowed. Instead, try to include web links whenever possible for more detail. Or if the information is lengthy, and only an attachment would be efficient, provide an e-mail contact so that those interested can ask for the attachment. The source of the item posted will be included at the end of each message.

WBCI partners meeting

The next WBCI partners meeting, to which you are all invited, will be held on Thursday, Dec 13 in the afternoon. The location has yet to be determined. Watch for more information.

I.    Wild Bird, Wildlife & Backyard Habitat Expo

The 2nd Annual Wild Bird, Wildlife & Backyard Habitat Expo will be November 2-3-4, 2001, at the Washington County Fair Park on Highway 45, two miles south of West Bend.  The Expo blends elements of two of the most popular, fastest growing outdoor activities - bird and wildlife watching, and natural landscaping/gardening.

There will be more than 40 seminars over the three days on a dozen topics.  The Expo's seminar speakers are a diverse group of habitat and birding experts, with extensive practical knowledge.

Exhibit booths will feature bird watching products, bird feeding/housing/watering products, plants for all types of habitat development, ponds and aquatics, prairie planning and planting, landscaping services, nurseries, birding and habitat development information sources, wildlife and bird art, special-interest birding and natural landscaping organizations, and governmental agencies.

There will be several terrific special displays.  Sponsors include Birder's World magazine, the National Wildlife Federation. OUTDOOR WISCONSIN public television, and Eagle Optics.

Hours are Noon - 9pm, Friday, Nov. 2; 9am - 7pm. Saturday, Nov. 3; and 9am - 5pm, Sunday, Nov. 4.  Tickets are $6.00 adult one-day; $10.00 adult two-day; youth (6-15) $3.00; 5 & under free.  Get to the site by exiting Highway 45 at Pleasnat Valley Road and driving east one-quarter mile to the entrance.  Free parking.

Best of all - the WBCI exhibit will be there.  If you can help staff the booth (and receive free admission), please contact Noel Cutright at noel.cutright@wepco.com

Also check out the official web site at www.backyard-birds.com

II.    SwiftWatch

The goal of SwiftWatch is to further the conservation of swifts by learning more about their ecology during migration.

Objectives include:

1.  Investigate the spatial and temporal patterns of swift migration.
2.  Identify important areas for swifts.
3.  Identify important migratory roosts for swifts.
4.  Develop guidelines for the protection of migratory roosts for swifts.

The web site has info on how to register and instructions on how to monitor a roost site. http://fsweb.wm.edu/ccb/opportunities/swiftwatch/swift_chimney.htm

This is a program of The Center of Conservation Biology within the Department of Biology at the College of William & Mary.

submitted by Noel Cutright, certain that the last Chimney Swift of the season has left Ozaukee County

III.    Birds of Two Worlds symposium


From March 6-10, 2002, the Smithsonian Institution will host a symposium at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV to synthesize recent cutting-edge findings on the ecology and evolution of migratory birds.  This landmark meeting will bring together world-renowned experts for a series of invited talks, round table discussions, and a contributed poster session on the following major subject areas:

a. Evolution of Migration Systems
b. Adaptations for Two Worlds
c. Ecology of Long Distance Movements
d. Social Systems: Bridging the Seasons
e. Population Structure of Migrants Through the Year
f. When is the Crunch?

The symposium is organized by Russell Greenberg of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and Peter Marra of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and will include contributions from Robert Ricklefs, Bill Karasov, Richard Holmes, Tom Martin, Eugene Morton, Mikko M–nkk–nen, Sievert Rowher and many others.  Proceedings will be published in a peer-reviewed volume. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to participate in a pivotal meeting which will guide scientific research on migratory birds into the next century!

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submitted by Noel Cutright, Riveredge Bird Club

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