The Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail is a mapped auto trail that reaches into every area of the state.  Full-color viewing guides with maps and descriptions of every site leads the nature traveler to warblers, shorebirds, eagles, loons, cranes and all manner of mammals found in some of the states premier wildlife venues.

Outstanding natural resources make this an exceptional trail. The public has nominated National forest sites, State Natural Areas, county, city and State Parks, private museums, nature centers and US Fish & Wildlife Service properties for inclusion in the project. A system was used to asses each site and those that ranked highest in the process were placed in the project.

Signs with the Sandhill Crane trail logo featured on this website mark sites on the trail.

The Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail is a project of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Endangered Resources Program has taken the lead on the project. The Wisconsin Department of Tourism is producing full-color viewing guides for each of the five, birding and nature trail regions.

Trail through the woods

Regional Trails

  • Lake Superior/North Woods Birding and Nature Trail - 2004
  • Mississippi/Chippewa Rivers Birding and Nature Trail - 2005
  • Lake Michigan Birding and Nature Trail - 2006
  • Central Sands Birding and Nature Trail - 2007
  • Southern Savanna Birding and Nature Trail - 2008